My Dogs

My Dogs

About 10 years ago the thought of me owning an animal would have made my friends laugh. In fact its fair to say that other than a brief encounter with a dog as a kid I really was not that much of an animal guy. Fast forward to now and I have 5 dogs. That’s right, five. It’s not a typo. And I didn’t go with a small breed either. I have five amazing boxer dogs that have changed my life. I’d like to tell you a little about them.


Abigail was the first pet I really fell in love with. Odd really because when she was bought she was not meant for me. Abi quickly became a member of my family. She’s a very loyal dog who was amazing fun when she was a puppy. Abi was the first dog that I had to do any training with including house training – which I might add was an experience. I had no clue. In fact its fair to say that I hated the idea of even touching Abi.

I was quite scared of that little bundle of joy. Fast forward to today and I play with her all the time. Owners shouldn’t have a favourite but I do and shes it. Abi was also the first of my dogs that progressed to become a Teaching Dog with a speciality in dealing with new puppy training.

I think the day I lose Abi will be very upsetting. I really do love that dog!


Teal’c (yes the name is from Stargate SG1 and I’ll explain why in a bit) was bought because I didn’t want Abigail to get lonely. So a breeder was picked and a male dog selected. Any breeder worth a damn won’t allow you to take a puppy away from its mother until about 10 – 12 weeks and as such I had to collect the newest member of my family in a few weeks time. ¬†On the journey down we were talking about what to call this pup and some bright spark came up with Teal’c. Now I’m sure you’d all think I’d jump at the chance to have a dog named after a Stargate character however my responses was “No, we can’t call a dog Teal’c – that would be silly”. Here’s a picture of the character Teal’c. He’s the protector of the group in SG1 and has a gold emblem on his forehead.

When we arrived the breeder asked before I saw my dog if she could have a word with me. I was pulled to one side and it was explained that the puppy I had chosen got into a little fight with one of his brothers…and was scared. Guess where? So yep, Teal’c it was.

One of my favourite moments of Teal’c was when he was a little puppy. When I first moved to Hampshire I rented a small house with a spiral staircase. In fact that staircase was the only reason I moved in! Teal’c used to get stuck at the top of the stairs and couldn’t quite manage to get down. So he cried and on this occasion wet himself. Now I know that’s not funny really but it was at the time.

Here’s a picture of Teal’c with his daughter Emini.

Sadly Teal’c passed away towards the end of 2013.


Emini was the first pup I kept from one of Abi and Teal’c litters. One of the great things that happens when you are a responsible breeder is that when you register the births you have to give your dogs ‘birth’ names. It’s supposed to be unique to you so I decided to name that litter after starship classes. So Emini’s technical name is Soverign Class Enterprise. And just like her namesake she is sleek, beautiful and packs one hell of a punch.

Emini is a very loyal dog. She has a switch in her. When its on she’s incredibly focused on one task, training, teaching or working. A truly beautiful dog as well. Emini has become exceptionally good at training others (both humans and dogs) whilst still being totally loyal to her master. She’s happy to work, happy to play…provided she gets a little hug with me at the end of it all.

Emini passed away on the 9/2/2014 after having some heart issues two weeks prior. She’ll be missed by so many and was possibly the cutest Boxer in the whole wide world.


Welcome to the nutter of the group. Prometheus, Prommy or Prom is next up. Prom was named after a stargate ship with a squashed up nose. The first interstellar earth ship in the SG1 world I felt it a fitting name for this fruit loop. So why is he a fruit loop? The boy just wags his tail and runs around. He is starting to fit into the training work that the others have done however probably will not step up until his father steps down. A fantastic looking little boy thou. He’s very cute – even if there is nothing in that big head of his.

Prom passed away on the 27/1/2013 – looking as beautiful and stupid as always.


Spot is from the same litter as Prom. As you will notice his name is different from all the others. He had to come back to the fold…and he loves his Mum and Dad alot…but tries to walk all over his elder sister and brother.




  • Jordan Rousell
    Posted at 13:57h, 04 March Reply

    i love dogs. Who is your favourite?

    • Jonathan Bird
      Posted at 10:21h, 03 October Reply

      I wouldn’t say I had a fav BUT I obviously do.

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