The Ultimate Business Start Up List

The Ultimate Business Start Up List

So it occurs to me that one of the reasons people hire me to consult, ask for my opinion or invite me to join their board of directors is because I’ve set up several businesses now. So in the spirit of sharing the knowledge I thought I’d write a little post called The Ultimate Business Start Up List. So there is no particular order to this but I highly recommend that you spend some time actioning the points that are valid to your business.

The Ultimate Business Start Up List

Social Media

It’s a given now that the online landscape has changed. So has daily life. Therefore it’s important to make sure that your business is showcased on the important social media platforms. There are literally thousands out there but I recommend you focus on the following

  • Set up a Facebook page. Being able to interact with your customers via Facebook will be vital to your success. Using Facebook to grow your companies following by promoting your news, articles and even just fun updates about what is happening will help make a connection with your customers. If you’d like to see an example of one of my Facebook pages check out Singles Warehouse on Facebook.
  • Use Twitter to communicate and build relationships. Having done this with every single business I’ve opened I can not stress enough to you the power Twitter hands you from a networking point of view. Sign up, complete your profile start to follow other industry leaders. I’d also recommend that you upload a Twitter background which showcases some of your companies details – it’s great for lead acquisition. If you’d like to see an example check out Singles Warehouse’s Twitter Page. If you set up a Twitter page as a result of this post I’d love for you to send me a tweet to @jonathanbird_.
  • Pinterest is an excellent social media platform for sending traffic to your site. Huge in the USA with a growing UK following Pinterest allows you to pin articles and stunning pictures onto boards. It’s great for helping to collate and share ideas. An example can be seen on Singles Warehouse’s Pinterest Page.

This list of social media sites is by no means exclusive. Have a look around for industry specific social media sites that might be able to further grow your companies following.

Submit a Press Release

Be proud of the business you’ve set up and submit a press release. You can use sites like PRWeb and  PR Leap. Again, like social media sites there are literally hundreds and thousands of press release sites out there but those are two great ones to get started with. PR Leap does charge but can be worth it with the right newsworthy press release. If you look on Google also you can find some free submission sites.

Build Links

Imagine opening a shop in a village where there was no sign posts directing customers to you. I’d imagine that your shop would close down fairly quickly. Having a website does not mean automatically that people will find it. You need to build links or road signs to help people identify where it is. So how can you build links?

  • If you are a webmaster and have other websites it’s a great idea to build some articles and link to your new site for your chosen keyword. Probably the easiest way to gain immediate links to your brand new site.
  • Write guest articles with other sites. It’s great if you can get in touch with other webmasters to build links to your site by offering to write an article for them.
  • Co-Guest Write on a site, by inviting them to write an article on your site. Sure, in an ideal world you want more links pointing to you than you give away however this is a great way to build friendships, business partnerships and links. Win win right?
  • Submit some article’s to Article Submission Sites. Check out E-Zine Articles for a good example.

Submit Your Site To Directories

This goes back to the whole road sign principle idea – expect in this case you want to be listed in your local business directories. Take away the word local and you’ll be on the right track. It’s vital that you submit your site to the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will not only help customers find you but also give the search engines a ‘nudge’ to say “Hello – we’re a new site and we want to be seen by you”.

I’d also advise that you do a search and add your site to a few extra directories to help get those links started.

Top Secret Tip

Check out a service called HootSuite. It will help you manage and automate your social media efforts saving you both time and money whilst generating interest in your products. Check out HootSuite today.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – some of my top tips to help get your new business off the ground. I hope these help and if you are interested in any points in particular please feel free to email me using the contact form.


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