If you are running a small business, chances are that your marketing budget is quite small! You may be questioning how you can get yourself out there in a crowded world of big-budget marketing campaigns. But the good news is that there are plenty of low budget marketing ideas out there that can help your business grow! Read on to find out 16 of my best tips:

1 Social media is key for marketing on a low budget

If you haven’t created accounts for your business yet, what are you waiting for? This is one of the easiest and most importantly FREE ways to get your business out there! There are plenty of social media platforms to choose from. Just do a little research to work out which the best ones for your business are.

2. Email marketing

One low budget marketing idea that can be effective is to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list! A good way to do this is to offer them an incentive to do so, such as a discount off their next purchase.

3. Run a competition

No matter what your business is, there are certainly people out there who want what you do! Why not run a competition on social media, giving away your product or service, asking people to tag a friend or two to enter? This is low cost to you but will drive engagement, page views, and followers. So, it is an easy and cheap way to market your business to those who may not have heard about you before!

4. Come to a Social Clinic for my low budget marketing ideas!

My business, Delivered Social, run FREE Social Clinics in Guildford. Why not come along and we can help you with some low budget marketing ideas? Most of our ideas are low cost or even free for you!

5. Think about your content carefully

Before you put out any content, whether it is digital or physical, think very carefully about what you are saying. Make sure it fully reflects your business and values, and that it is quality content. Nobody will want to read rubbish that ha been hastily put together. The better your content is, the more effective it will be at marketing your business, even if you have a low budget! You know your business best, so create the content that reflects that.

low budget marketing ideas

There are plenty of low budget marketing ideas out there!

6. Ads on a low budget

A low budget marketing idea that works is to look for discounts. Your marketing strategy may not have room to run long or expensive online ad campaigns. But, there are plenty discounts to be found on the internet- you just have to look! If you’ve not used the services of them before, including Google and Facebook ads, they will probably offer you some free credit to get you going- take advantage of this to market your business!

7. Create digital assets

What is a digital asset? It is something that your business has that is not tangible; it is online. There are many ways you can use digital assets that are free or cheap to produce to boost your marketing. This could be anything from creating videos that are informative or about your business, to small changes such as tidying up your email signatures. Everything you put out into the online world helps to market your brand, so make sure it counts!

8. Don’t be afraid to re-use content for easy low budget marketing ideas

After a while, you may run out of content ideas, especially if you’re writing it all yourself to save money. But, there’s no shame in reusing old content after a while! Promote that blog post from a year ago, or reuse some statistics you found for a social media post. By now, most of your audience probably won’t have seen it the first time around! Plus, it breathes new life into forgotten content and brings more eyes to your business.

9. Apply for awards

Another low budget marketing idea is to apply for awards. Chance are, there are plenty of business awards that you could apply for in your local area! Do your research and apply for any that you’re suitable for. You never know what you might end up winning, which is always amazing PR!

10. Make small investments

Sometimes, it’s worth making some small investments to help your business grow! Business cards that stand out are a good example. There are plenty of services you can use to design your own business cards on a budget. You can then hand them out to all of your contacts, new and old, to help get your business out there!

11. Blog Posts

Writing blog posts on your website is a great way to drive traffic to your site and raise the profile of your business! There are plenty of ideas for blogs out there, and it’s easy to add them to your website. Plus, if you write them yourself, it’s another low budget idea to market your business.

12. Be interactive: a low budget marketing idea for social media

A great way to market your business for free is to be as interactive as you can on social media! Talk to your followers and share and some relevant posts to your industry to your profiles. Don’t forget to tag people! This should drive your engagement and help others see your business.

13. Post regularly

One of the most important things to do to help push your business is to post regularly on social media! This keeps your presence fresh and relevant, as well as making sure your followers see more of your posts. This is a great low budget marketing idea that will help make your social media profiles look great!

14. Join in with the community

People love it when businesses they buy from or interact with are active in the community! This is called corporate social responsibility (CSR) and it’s amazing for raising your profile. Why not consider donating your product or service to a local charity raffle? Or, take part in a sponsored sports event in the name of your business. There are so many low budget CSR ideas out there, so why not get involved?

Get involved with the community!

15. Ask for reviews and let them do the talking

If your customers love what you do, it’s likely that they’ll be more than happy to leave you a glowing review online. They just might not have thought to do so yet! Simply send them a gentle nudge by email asking for a review on your chosen platform- this could be Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, or more than one! Having amazing reviews is a brilliant marketing tool for attracting new customers. It’s also very low cost to you, so don’t be shy and ask for those reviews!

16. My final low budget marketing idea: Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging involves writing a post for someone else’s blog- they will then credit you and link back to your business! If you have a topic in mind, why not approach a blog that you admire to see if you can do a guest post? It should mean that new people will discover your business that don’t read your blog or follow you yet.


If you’re struggling with marketing on a budget, it can feel overwhelming. But hopefully, this has helped you come up with some new ideas to help your business grow for a lower cost than you might think! Visit my blog page for more marketing tips.