A Letter to my 14 Year Old Self

A Letter to my 14 Year Old Self

Having just been on a Singles Warehouse Twitter Chat and being introduced to the blog by too cute for mom jeans I have been inspired to copy a post. I thought this was a really cool idea and really wanted to have a go at it. So here it is, my letter to myself. Weird!

Dear Jon,

I’d like to cover some points with you from the future. Yep it’s a bit like those Star Trek episodes you’ve been watching. You know, the one where Spock comes from the future to tell young Spock that things need to change…Oh no wait, that’s not happened to you yet? Wheres the Federations Temporal Dept when you need it.

Think we should probably clear something up before we get started – you know how you’ve always wanted to Captain the USS Enterprise? Well it’s probably not going to happen. In fact – time to study something else than the Enterprise manual.

So you are 14. I know you feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders. I also know that you actually do. If I had a time machine and could bring you this message I’d ask you to slow down…Even now I laugh at that a little – knowing that you would probably say the same thing to me.

You see Jonathan you are going to achieve a lot. Don’t panic. Don’t worry about it. You are going to have a reason to be proud. Several in fact. You will also fail. You will think this a bad thing but actually it’s possibly the best thing that will happen to you. Be a kid whilst you are a kid. I know you are already a fully fledged adult in your own right but try and reclaim some of that. You really do only have a few years…

BTW – your first girlfriend – still isn’t speaking to you. You will have more of this to come. You are going to love. Love hard. Fast. You will hurt also. That’s OK.

In less time than you can imagine you are going to be a father. That journey will take you into experiences that you would never associate with becoming a Dad – but I’m proud to say we did OK. Not great. But OK. You did well during this experience, but if you want my advice…you should hold him for five minutes longer. You gave a lot for other people to have time with him, make sure you give yourself those extra five minutes.

Study. I know it won’t come easily to you, but it’s worth it. I also know how hard you try…but I also know how much fight you have in you.

Visit your Nan more. She gave you everything. I regret the years I watched from the side. Don’t let that happen again.

Finally, my last piece of advice….be honest with yourself. You’ve not been. That’s OK. But only you have the power to change how you feel. You have a saying, one that has kept you out of trouble many times, but you will slip…just make sure you pick yourself up and stand a little taller every time.

PS: You are going to lose most of your hair…enjoy it whilst it’s there…Oh and that water fight you are planning this weekend – forget it – gets you kicked out of the house!

Your 31 Y/O Self…



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