A Month of Blogging in April

A Month of Blogging in April

Hello readers,

Welcome back to my blog once again. So what am I going to be doing during April? Well I’ve decided to have a go at writing a post every day! I know I’m mad right – as if I don’t have enough to do. Now before we begin I’m going to warn you all it’s going to be full of mistakes and errors. I make no apology for that – I’m not the best writer in the world and this is the only site of mine that I can get wrong.

So why a month of blogging? Why not? I’ve seen so many challenges, month’s of blogs or blogs on Twitter and always fancied a go. I’m also keep to see what amazing content I can come up with. Should be fun. I’m looking at this like a personal challenge.

JonathanBird.co.uk was always meant as a little escape from the business world for me. I never really thought anyone would read my blog but it’s turned out to be quite a hit so I guess I should give you all something more to read right? I’m going to be talking about subjects like;

  • How I lost my hair!
  • My Glasses
  • My top 10 places to visit
  • What iPhone apps I use

So you see there really isn’t a theme apart from it being April. I hope you like it, invite you to share it and I’d love to see some comments from you all.

Here goes… (Do you think it means something with me starting this on April Fools Day???)

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