My Top 5 Old Mobile Phones

My Top 5 Old Mobile Phones

OK so I don’t know if my readers in the states have seen the app that’s on Facebook where a phone show can detail your mobile phone history. It literally shows you all the phones you’ve ever owned. I loved this idea and immediately thought about using it for the April Blogging Challenge. Those of you who know me will know that technology has always been a big part of my life and at some points even carried 3 mobile phones around. So this post is dedicated to all the old phones I’ve owned – may they rest in piece.

I can’t promise these will be in order. After all I’m getting old and my memory is not what it used to be.

Ericsson GH388GH388

This was my first ever mobile phone! I was 17 and a very lucky young man to have one. I can’t really remember that much about it apart from the fact that signal was poor and the battery life didn’t last a day. That being said I was 17 and had a mobile phone so I really didn’t care.

I do however remember a craze in the United Kingdom where everyone had to have a leather case for their phones. Mine was red!

nokiaNokia 402

My first Nokia! God I loved this thing. What did it do? You could change the covers! What more did you need? Amazing battery life kept both me and the businesses of the UK going. I’m sure everyone remembers Snake?



Ericsson T28t28

Let’s face it, this was one of the original cool phones. I remember that the T10 and the T18 were available on Pay as You go but the T28 was one of the first phones out that I loved. Why? Well aside from the amazing look, the cool flip action that happened at the press of the button it had voice activated dialing that never worked

Nokia 8910i8910i

Who didn’t love this alternative take on a flip action phone. I remember thinking I was soooooo cool walking around with this thing. It even had a coloured screen! Again like all Nokia’s of their time the battery seemed to last longer than the average humans lifespan (I wonder whatever happened to those really cool long lasting batteries – my iPhone could use one)

Motorola V70v70i

By far this is my favourite phone of all time! I think I had a thing for alternative flips didn’t I? It’s cool blue black lit screen and the swivel design was great fun. It came with an amazing case and was just unusual enough to keep wanting to play with it a little more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip down memory lane…I’m off to eBay to see what I can buy!