My Top 3 iPhone Apps

My Top 3 iPhone Apps

My Top 3 iPhone Apps

Mobile communication has evolved just has fast as mobile working. Hell even Facebook are launching ‘Home’ now because we’re never really far from a mobile phone these days. Living in London means I spend quite a bit of time travelling around which means mobile working is very important to me. I use some of the best apps on the go all the time and this post is dedicated to them.

Twitter for iPhonetwitter

Twitter for iPhone is a really simple app that keeps you connected with tweets and DM’s all day long. Twitter can be addictive can’t it? That’s why I love to do it ‘on the go’. Technically you are not losing time whilst sat on a train. It’s best feature is the ease in which you can switch between your Twitter accounts making it easy to connect with people.

Red Laser

Did you always want to scan things at the checkout as a child? I certainly did.


Red Laser is one of the best price checker and barcode scanners I’ve ever come across. It’s only ever not picked up a barcode once in the whole time I’ve used it. Want to order something when you get home – then this can work like a virtual list also.

Star Wars Angry Birdsangrybirds

OK so I’d much rather have the Star Trek version (they need to be working on this!) but since it’s not out yet I guess I’ll just have to stick with Luke Skybird and Han’s Blaster! Great fun for when you need 5 minutes downtime and for 69p it’s a great purchase.