The Dating Guidebook has Launched with @DatingAdviceGrl

The Dating Guidebook has Launched with @DatingAdviceGrl

You know, sitting back looking at all the things that have been achieved with Singles Warehouse pales in comparison to what the team have achieved. It’s nice looking at all of their individual work, watching what they do and helping when I can. We have a few ‘long standing’ members of the family and its even better to see when one of them achieves their dreams.

One such long standing member of that community is Erin – and she recently pulled off her dream. Erin published her first book.

Now I’m not sure why – but I kinda feel like a proud father. It’s weird because I never helped with the book, wrote a page in it or anything else…it’s just nice to see her succeed.

Do you know what’s just a little nicer? Seeing Singles Warehouse in print in the book next to sites like, OK Cupid…etc…

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