My Thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness

My Thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness

The first thing I’m going to say is why oh why did we expect anything less? We should have learned the JJ would tease us in the trailers and then flip us on our head straight away. This movie did exactly what the first one did – changed our Trek world. In a good way!

I’m sure there are the die hard fans (of which I am one!!!) saying things like “oh my god how can they do that at the end?” or “he’s just copied another movie”.

What they should be saying is

“Hat’s off to you JJ for keeping it a secret”

“Job well done”

“Yeah you copied some of another movie BUT you did it so well we’re going to let you off!”

Yeah – not many people are saying that are they? I’ve got one place to send them – and it’s below…


Amazing effects, not bad in 3D and let’s face it we all got a little wet with some of the shots of the Enterprise! Just me? OK then…

If you’ve not seen it yet – GO – GO NOW! I’m not going to say any more apart from…


Did you go to see Into Darkness? What did you think about it?