Become An Awesome Blogger Overnight

Become An Awesome Blogger Overnight

After building several successful sites which use blogging heavily as a marketing tool I thought it was about time I let go of a couple of secrets.

From A – Z; Get your Blog Promoted Overnight!


How to write a great title/heading that will grab your readers’ attention.

Be Clear

The title is not the place to get creative or cute. It should be a clear indication of what the post is about.

Got nothing? Ask yourself; what is my article about? The title should give you your answer.

Use KeywordsBlogging Help

Lets say your article is about iPhones…it’s very important to make sure you have that keyword in the title. It will make your article that much easier to find on the internet.

Want Clicks – Write Lists

If you’re suggesting ways to get over a breakup it’s a great idea to show how many suggestions you have in the title….oh an always use digits.

6 Ways to Mend a Broken Heart will always get more clicks than Six Ways to Mend a Broken Heart.

Use The & Sign

Try using the & sign instead of writing and. This only applies to titles!

Main Body

Keep It Timely

An article with a timely hook always gets more attention. There’s no point in writing about December Christmas Decorations in March is there?

Use hot topics to make your piece more relevant. If you are talking about infidelity try mentioning a recent sex scandal from the news. You don’t need to change the focus but this will help give the article leverage.

Space The Final Frontierspace the final frontier

Please, only put one space between sentences and paragraphs. Keep your layout professional.

Stop Shouting

Avoid USING ALL CAPS whenever you can. No need to be rude right?

The Shorter The Better

Keep paragraphs nice and short. Long paragraphs deter readers.

Don’t Indent

      It just looks silly. Keep all paragraphs left-aligned.

Use Links

Quoting your resources or linking to relevant websites can help an article go along way. You might lose a few readers along the way but they’ll come back trusting you as the quality resource that you are.

After Marketing


Why not comment on your own articles. Pose a question to kick start the comments.

Social Share

Yow know the drill by now. Sharing is vital to getting your post out there. Don’t overlook any network, try them all and see which traffic sources work for you.

Have I missed anything? Is there anything you think you should be doing when writing the perfect blog? I’d love to hear what’s worked for you in the comments below.