Silent Director

Silent Director

Are you looking for a place to learn all my tips and secrets?

Do you want to get some insider tips on how I work?

Silent Director is here to help you.

During coaching sessions I often get asked questions like;

  • What WordPress templates are the best for authors?
  • How can I integrate my Twitter into my site?
  • How can a password change my life?
  • I have a Kindle book. How can I promote it?
  • My Twitter account has been suspended. How can I get it back?
  • How do I increase engagement on my Facebook page?
  • Why isn’t my business growing?
  • What can I do when my content is stolen?
  • I want more web traffic. How can I get it?

I love helping you out and so I invented Silent Director.

The Silent Director is a blog all about business ideas and best practices. It’s a place where I hope you’ll get inspiration and try some new ideas out. Why not visit the contents page today and see what you might discover.