My iPAd’s important to me. Is yours?

My iPAd’s important to me. Is yours?

Over the past three years or so tablets have pretty much taken the world by storm. Most households in the UK own a tablet and more and more people are using them on a daily basis out and about. The problem with out and about is that you automatically open up your device to extra dangers like being knocked out of your hands whilst reading on the train or pushed off a table by a colleague during a meeting. Tablets are not cheap (no matter which one you buy) and it’s important to give them adequate protection if you plan on making yours a primary device.

My iPad 2 ended up with so many scuff’s and dent’s it looked more like a piece of trash aluminium by the end of it’s life. When I made the choice to change to the iPad mini I wanted to make sure it had a healthier life.

I bought an Apple official red case for about ¬£50 when it first came out. It’s OK but does have a big issue with the way I use it. I can’t connect it to any of my docks. This (unfortunately) is a well documented issue with that generation of Apples products. Like I said it’s an OK case but I wanted something a little more substantial.

Protect your Tablet from Deep Impacts with the BIG BANG.

Does anyone remember the movie Deep Impact? Well if you were in that movie you probably would have wanted a Big Bang to protect your iPad (which was yet to be invented!).Logitech Big Bang EPS Case

I was introduced to the Logitech BIG BANG. It’s E.P.S. (Essential Protection System) ¬†claims to protect from drops, screen impact damage, bumps, scratches and spills.

It was time to throw away my Apple original case and give this a try.

The BIG impression

OK so there’s no easy way to say this but it’s the best security my iPad has seen ever. Sure it increases the overall surface size of the device but I can’t see a time where I’ll have to worry about a knock. Unlike some reviewers I’m not about to throw my iPad out of a aeroplane to prove how amazing it is but trust me this thing is pretty solid.

I also love that when you move the angle of the iPad it actually stays up (something my original Apple case didn’t do). I can now tap with more than a gentle feather and it’s responding nicely.

Available on site’s like you can pick one of these up for anything between $60 – $100 and in a range of styles to suit you.

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