Jonathan’s top five hated things to see on a website.

Jonathan’s top five hated things to see on a website.

So the lovely Jo (A.K.A. @2starsandaswirl) from came up with this title for me to write (thanks in advance Jo for all the webmasters hate mail I’m about to receive).

Before I start this post I might sound like I’m preaching best practice from a high up place. The fact of the matter is that I’m absolutely certain some of my sites do these five things (mind you we do have in excess of fifteen hundred sites now).

So here it is.

Jonathan’s top five hated things to see on a website.

Sites that are not mobile enabled

With over 40% of all traffic now coming from mobile phones or tablets I think it’s criminal how many websites are not mobile enabled.

Imagine I’m looking for a service in my local area using my phone. It’s an emergency so speed is vital. If I land on a site that’s not mobile enabled them I’m more likely to try somewhere else…and you’d lose my business.

This is probably the easiest way to increase your conversion or readership.

If you want help getting your site mobile enabled get in touch and let’s see what we can do about it.

No calls to actionDon't take it out on the computer

I’m a big believer in internet marketing. It’s where I make my money. I hate seeing really fancy websites that look awesome but have no clear call to action.

You’ve gone to all that trouble to build something amazing but not thought about your processes. I’d love to have signed up, given you my details or tried out your service but you simply didn’t ask.

Dead links

Now I’m positive we’ve got some of these but dead links do my head in. I’ve clicked a link (that you want me to click because you’ve hyperlinked the text) and it goes nowhere.

What happens next? Well I probably don’t press back on my internet browser and revisit your site. I move on.

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Pop ups that make you wait 30 seconds

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the importance of popups and how vital they can be to your social media following or lead generation.

Use them. That’s fine. But have an option for a customer to close it no matter what action they decide. Having a count down clock just means with every passing second I’ve devised a new way to destroy you.

Someone else’s copyright logo on pictures

Every website, blog or webmaster at some time or another has ‘acquired’ an image they probably shouldn’t use and have used it.

It’s OK. You are among friends. We’ve all done it.

But WTAF are you doing repurposing someone’s picture with a logo on it?

Squeezed a squeeze page in

Who’s a fan of squeeze pages? I don’t hate them, they can serve a purpose for every single website out there. What I hate is when every other page on a website is a squeeze page. I’m less likely to convert into a paying customer if you keep shoving your services up on my 32 inch monitor.

So there you have it. Squeeze pages, copyright images, timed pop ups, dead links and no calls to action get my goat up. What does it for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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