My Unofficial Top Star Trek Moments from Each Movie

My Unofficial Top Star Trek Moments from Each Movie

So here’s a post that only the truly geeky and genuine Star Trek fans should read (or anyone who just wants to see how geeky I truly am). I’ve been meaning to write a post about my favourite moments from the Star Trek movie franchise and whilst I’m stuck on a plane with no wifi and limited entertainment now seemed a good time to write it up.

Now let’s be clear Star Trek is full of historic moments. The first interracial kiss on television is probably the most well know. What I write about here will probably be no where near that calibre of moment but to me these parts matter.

Star Trek The Motion PictureStar Trek The Motion Picture Poster

So any true die hard fan of the Trek franchise will have an answer to the following question.

“Who do you fancy in Star Trek?”

And in my eyes you are simply not a true fan unless you answer the USS Enterprise. My favourite moment from STTMP has to be the scene with Kirk and Scotty inspecting the refitted Enterprise before taking it out of dry dock. Most critics will say the scene is too long (and they may have a point) but if you just watch and let the music pour over you then you’ll learn just a little bit more about what Trek means.

I was not born when this came out in the movies but I was fortunate enough to see it on the large screen late in life. If you ever get the chance go and see it!

Star Trek 2 The Wrath of KhanStar Trek The Wrath of Khan Poster

OK technically this was my first ever Trek movie (and it’s a fan favourite for sure). I think for me the reason for loving this movie is because it was the first movie my Nan or Mum would allow me to stay up for. The duvet used to come out onto the sofa and I’d watch. I’m sure it was their hope I’d fall asleep but I never did (might have had something to do with the earwig aliens).

Now there’s one part of STTWOK that really gets me. In the shuttle with Kirk, Bones, Uhura and Sulu there’s an unfinished sentence. I’ve bought every single copy of STTWOK hoping that they’d sort it out. Sulu turns to Kirk and says “Any chance to fly the Enterprise…” And then turns to Kirk with his mouth open to finish the sentence. Cut scene.

Clearly there’s a key part to this movie which all Trek fans will know… So just in case you have not seen the movie I won’t ruin it for you.

Star Trek 3 The Search for SpockStar Trek The Search for Spock Poster

OK to be honest this is my least favourite Star Trek movie by far. Don’t get me wrong there’s some key points to the evolving story line and some great moments but the movie just does not do it for me.

With all that said there is one moment for sure that sticks out. The stealing of the Enterprise from space dock. Who knew that in the 23rd century it would be that simple to get onboard a Federation starship and leave space dock with less than 10 people aboard. If only the enemies of the Federation knew this they probably wouldn’t last very long.

Oh and whilst I’m on a rant what on earth were those destruct codes about? Are we seriously to believe that one of the codes to destroy a Constitution class starship is Zero, Zero, Zero. My iPhone has better encryption.

Star Trek 4 The Voyage HomeStar Trek The Voyage Home Poster

Simple winner here. That hospital scene with the Laurel and Hardy slapstick music was excellent. If you have to make a whole movie without the Enterprise (she makes an appearance in the last few minutes of the movie) then give me a hospital chase scene with fun music any day!

Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier

OK – everyone knows that this is probably the worst put together Trek movie ever…but I LOVED it. There’s a reason the Enterprise was only in the last five minutes of the previous film and that’s  exploited at the very start of this film.

I loved that nothing quite worked, that the Enterprise couldn’t perform basic functions and was running off the back of a Windows 95 operating system.

Turbolift: “level, level, level?”

Kirk “Bridge….I hope”

Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country

Family fact time. I went to see this film on the rare occasion my uncle was in the UK. My Nan, Uncle and I went along to see this final instalment of the original crew.

There’s no easy way to say this… We all fell asleep.

Oddly it’s become one of my favourite Trek films over time. The moment in this movie for me was the Enterprise leaving space dock. In The Motion Picture this scene took almost ten minutes but in ST6 it took all of two. The crew had matured and knew how to get things done without checking their rear view mirror. Practice makes perfect right?

Star Trek 7 Generations

I grew up with the cast of The Next Generation and when the Enterprise D warped away at the end of All Good Things I genuinely was upset.

So seeing her return to the big screen was amazing…not so happy they destroyed it in the same movie.

I loved the soundtrack to this film. It still had Trek in it’s bones but managed just a little more.

Star Trek 8 First ContactStar Trek First Contact Poster

Simply put my favourite of all the Star Trek movies. What’s not to love? The Borg? The Next Gen crew? A guest appearance from the USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine. Oh did I forget the Enterprise E? All of these things were great but my favourite moment was Picard losing it with Lily in the Observation Lounge and realising that he’s finally gone too far. The acting and the lines were pure Patrick Stewart gold!

Star Trek 9 Insurrection

OK erase everything I said about Star Trek 3. This is by far the worst Trek movie going. If you’ve not seen it don’t bother. It won’t enrich your life in anyway. However if you are an airline pilot please do watch this and leave a comment below with just how preposterous  controlling a Sovereign class starship is with Riker’s manual steering column.

All that being said it was the FIRST Star Trek movie I bought on iTunes.

Star Trek 10 Nemesis

it’s about time we had a wedding. 10 bloody movies and we’re only just getting a wedding. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Troi. For me the scene that took my breath away was the very first moment you see the Enterprise E…The music and scene was cut so expertly and even though it lasts fifteen seconds or so it’s just as powerful as when you saw the refitted Enterprise in the Motion Picture.

Star Trek 2009 (if that’s what we’re all still calling it?”

By now you are probably sick and tired of me saying “my best bit is when you see the Enterprise” but I’m afraid I’m not going to say it… I’m going to make you watch it

Star Trek Into Darkness

OK so for me this movie was all about the timing. You see there’s a piece of music from this movie that my wonderful wife walked down the aisle to. Wanna know which piece? Click listen below…

…oh and the Enterprise coming out of the sea. It might have been silly, stupid and unnecessary but I’m sorry it was movie gold!

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