Why Should Every Business Be Supported by Social Media Marketing?

Why Should Every Business Be Supported by Social Media Marketing?

In the digital age, every step in a business process should be adjusted with the advance of technology. One of the really visible examples is social media marketing. The optimization of social media in marketing is a proof of how technology can be an effective tool of every business in every industry.

Social media marketing is a model of marketing which focuses on the gaining of website traffic through social media sites. In the process, it will require the marketers to pay special attention to the creation of high quality, attractive, and well-targeted content. The goal of the content creation is eWoM or electronic word of mouth, which is any statement consumers share via social media sites about a company, brand, product, service or event. The achievement of the goal can create a good, trusted impression of a commercial party.

10 Principles in Social Media Marketing10 reasons every business needs to be supported by social media

Social media marketing, like other models, can only show its best fruits with a combination of knowledge and experience in the field. Thus, it becomes substantial for the marketers to understand the fundamental principles in it.

  1. Listening. Social media marketing is different from any traditional models that usually emphasize the importance of talking. In social media, listening is what counts. Only by being a good listener, a marketer can create content and start a conversation that adds value to a company.
  2. Focus. The marketers are required to stay focused on one specific brand or company and make it has a strong impression in the minds of the consumers.
  3. Quality. Quality trumps quantity. Targeted consumers are what every marketer is really looking for, not the huge amount of audiences who never try to connect with them.
  4. Patience. It takes a long time, usually, to make success happen. Patience is just there when a marketer has commitment.
  5. Compounding. The marketers have to think about creating impressive content that make their followers share it on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog and more. This can give a good impact on a brand or company’s visibility in the search engines.
  6. Influence. The marketers need to find ‘key’ people who function as online influencers in a market they want to target. Connecting with the influencers helps get a huge new audience for the content they make. It is good for SEO.
  7. Value. Instead of promoting their product or service, the marketers should add value to the conversation unless they want their audience to stop listening.
  8. Acknowledgment. Building relationships is important in the marketing’s success so the marketers must acknowledge all people who reach out to them.
  9. Accessibility. The marketers must be consistent in publishing content and participating in conversations. “Be Available to audience” – is how it works.
  10. Reciprocity. Instead of just publishing and expecting others to share it, the marketers should also provide the time to share others’ too.


How Does It Benefit the Marketers?

Social media marketing is an innovative way of promoting a product or service or popularizing a brand or company. In general, this model helps:
– increase brand recognition
– build brand loyalty
– provide opportunities to convert
– give better conversion rates
– give better brand authority
– increase inbound traffic
– decrease marketing costs
– give better search engine rankings
– create richer experiences to consumers
– improve consumer insights

Applying social media marketing is a nothing-to-lose opportunity. If done right, a long list of benefits is there to strengthen your business and impress you.

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