Hi, I’m Jonathan. I’m a little bit of a marketing geek and the founder of Delivered Social

If you’ve ever read my bio it goes a little like this – Jonathan Bird is a proven business owner, international speaker and dedicated marketer. He is the CEO of Delivered Social, a digital marketing agency based in Guildford. He uses his vast knowledge of social media platforms to deliver expert business advice to high-profile clients in various sectors.

…they missed I’m slightly in love with Dubai.

Here’s some things you ought to know…

Love social clinics

You'll find me mostly running social clinics with the 100s of clients who come through Delivered Social's doors. I love injecting myself into someones business and seeing it grow.

My only review

My one and only ever review when I was employed said 'Jonathan is a tremendous out of the box thinker... I don't actually think he knows where the box is' - thats a compliment right?

Love working with Charities

I'm passionate about CSR - I wasn't before but I am now.

Some places you might have seen me…

If you’ve ever been to one of my social clinics and felt motivated (and you’ve heard the brick story) then you really should sign up below.

I send practical, useful and actionable tips whenever I get a moment… Trust me, they are worth it.

See what I’ve been upto

  • Elmbridge Civic Centre Networking Event

    Speaking at Elmbridge

    It was an absolute privilege to present and speak with over 50 businesses in Elmbridge… albeit I had no voice by the end of it.

  • Launched Delivered Social Black

    Launched Delivered Social Black

    After 3 years of success at Delivered Social Jonathan launched the latest offering – Delivered Social Black. Sorry, can’t talk about it. It’s top secret.

  • Jonathan Bird feature in Surrey Business

    Featured in Surrey Business

    Featured in the October 2019 issue of Surrey’s Chamber of Commerce – Surrey Business Magazine.

Contact Jon

I really would love to hear from you. If you have a question, idea or just fancy sayign hi drop me a message below.


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