We’re the crew of the USS Enterprise – Capt William T Riker.

You know the saying it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to? Well it’s my blog and I’m going to geek out – but before you go where very few people have gone before (the inside of my head) you might just want to watch my TikTok instead – and you’ll see that no words that I write really don’t explain the emotion.

@jonathanbirduk I cant explain just how proud i am to be a geek #startrekpicard #picardseason3 #startrek #enterprised #ncc1701d ♬ original sound – Jonathan Bird

Make It So…

The future of Star Trek is bright. With shows like Discovery, Strange New Worlds and even Lower Decks I’m confident that the lessons I was taught as a child are now available to those who want to listen. In a world where tolerance is limited that’s never, ever been a time where Star Trek needs to be back on the TV.

You have to admit, a future where people care, actually get on and try to understand and embrace differences (sexuality, gender and everything else) is something we’re still miles away from achieving… but it’s a great dream and I really wish we could just fast forward to ‘make it so…


USS Enterprise NCC1701D in VOX

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